Colour your world with Hansen FortPlus™ Vanceva Glass

HansenGlass have provided toughened and laminated glass products for many years, which have help to bring security and safety to buildings around the world. With the introduction of Saflex’s Vanceva coloured interlayers, our laminated glass product range can now enhance a building’s style and performance.

The Hansen FortPlus™ PVB Vanceva range provide the protective properties of standard PVB...
Decorative : Add coloured lighting effects to external and internal parts of buildings
Safety : Reduce risk of injury from broken glass
Strength : Greater resistance of breakage from impact
UV Protection : Filter more than 99% of UK rays
Sound Proofing : Improved acoustic performance
Conforms : Satisfies national and European standards and regulations

Laminated safety glass consists of two or more sheets of glass bonded together by one or more layers of PVB, which is then sealed under heat and pressure. The interlayer is highly resistant and elastic, giving the glass robust qualities.

Vanceva colour interlayers can be combined to give thousands of creative, transparent and translucent glazed options, providing unparalleled creative freedom for building designers.

Hansen FortPlus™ PVB Vanceva can be used both internally and externally, providing unique opportunities for architectural and interior designs. It can even provide unique dual colour effects depending on which side of the glass is being viewed.

All our Hansen FortPlus™ PVB Vanceva products are manufactured by our own facilities, thereby guaranteeing excellent quality and service from a company that has been trading for more than 100 years.