AccentHansen supply acoustic doors for The Regal refurbishment
Project NameThe Regal
LocationOxford, UK
Main ContractorESP Innovations
Products Hansen SoundShield
Company AccentHansen
ESP Innovations are specialists in design, custom manufacturing and model making. Based in South Wales UK, they specialise in making exhibition stand models and attention grabbing features and pride themselves on offering product solutions and services that cannot readily be purchased elsewhere. When ESP Innovations were selected for the refurbishment of the The Regal in Oxford, they had no qualms about choosing AccentHansen as their chosen acoustic door supplier.

Why AccentHansen?
ESP Innovations needed a supplier that was reliable and cost effective and after years of experience of selecting and fitting doors, John Markham, CEO of ESP Innovations knew exactly who to select. “I used to fit and install all types of steel doors, so I am very familiar with all the shortcomings as well as the advantages of doors across the board” explained John.

“I consider AccentHansen a quality supplier who is also very helpful, providing high specifications with ease of installation. I've fitted many types of doors and find those supplied by AccentHansen equally good, if not better than any others I've previously fitted and will continue to use AccentHansen doors in the future.”

The Service
John has been really pleased with the service offered by AccentHansen and the client was even happier: “AccentHansens’ service has been excellent. Our client had been let down by a series of suppliers and was concerned about getting the product delivered in time for the re-opening. AccentHansen pulled out all the stops, bringing the job forward which enabled us not only to receive the five sets of doors by the deadline, but to actually fit them ahead of schedule. Their flexibility and willingness to help us in a time of crisis, probably saved our client from going bust!”

The Future
John concludes, “We never have any quibbles regarding AccentHansen's products. Their service is excellent. I would certainly use their products again and would have no second thoughts about recommending them to anyone.”