Staples, Canal Road Retail
Project NameStaples, Canal Road Retail
Main ContractorRicert Limited
Products Hansen SecureShield
Company AccentHansen
Ricert Limited, a construction contractor was established in 2002 with a vision to bring a level of professionalism and service to a previously neglected market sector. Founder Mark Rich, prides himself on the unique company ethos whereby Ricert offers the same expertise and professionalism expected of a larger construction company but by focussing on contracts with values between 250k and 2.5 million.

Mark Rich, Founder of Ricert Ltd explained: 'We want our clients to feel important and well serviced, irrespective of the spend value, and we will assist and guide them with our wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that their expectations are matched if not exceeded every time.'

To this end, Ricert is very specific about the people it recruits and about building quality premises cost effectively. Due to its inherent experience and skills in the construction industry, it was a logical decision to choose AccentHansen to supply and install security doors for the Staples Canal Road retail refurbishment project.

Why AccentHansen? Jim Gilbert, Operations Director for Ricert Ltd said, 'This project was a commercial retail project and our task was to supply replacement doors to meet the specifications of the new tenants' requirements. Additionally, we needed to find a door that provided security, fire regulation compatibility, met with Health and Safety regulations and above all was aesthetically pleasing in the eyes of the planners and the architects. Our client nominated AccentHansen as their preferred supplier and we were more than happy to stick to the specification.'

Excellent Service Ricert were very pleased with the service and quality of product they received 'The service we received from AccentHansen was very good' enthused Jim. 'The installation team were excellent and we had no problems whatsoever. Overall I would say that AccentHansen provided a professional and proficient service in the supply and installation of doors on this project. We would certainly use them again.'

Exceeding Expectations 'We were looking for doors at a good price, with low maintenance that offered reliability' concluded Jim. 'AccentHansen certainly met our expectations on this front and we are extremely satisfied with the finished product.'