Project Name Spinderiet
LocationValby, Copenhagen
Builder TK Valby Torvene A/S (TK Development)
Main ContractorMT Højgaard
Products Hansen Millennium
Hansen Fenster
Hansen Fasad
Company HS Hansen
In Valby, Copenhagen, HSHansen is installing windows and facades in an interesting project at Valby Square, named 'SPINDERIET' (The Spinning Mill). The lead contractor on the project is MT Højgaard. The name 'SPINDERIET' was obvious as it is a refurbishment of an old cotton spinning mill, next to Valby Railway Station in Copenhagen. The development of a complete new centre to the town is in harmony with the old spinning mill.

The project is a combination of shops, office space and apartments developed by TK Development. The urban regeneration is happening in a sustained consultation between the local authorities in Valby and Copenhagen Municipality. This has spawned a unique project with both new and old architecture – the perfect environment for a system like Hansen Millennium.

It is the first project in Denmark with a canopy between the shops / buildings situated on the 4th floor The 2,700 m² of glass opens up the buildings and adds light to the whole construction.

The site has only two access roads and requires that everyone is extra careful in the logistic planning and cooperation with other subcontractors.