Hansen SoundShield™ acoustic and sound control steel doors

AccentHansen steel sound control doorsets are available in a variety of acoustic performances. The doorsets are of the highest quality, and all products are engineered with high acoustic properties, carefully disguised in an attractive doorshell. They conform to BS 2750, BS476 pt 22 and 31.1 and are tested to BS 2750. They are available in Zintec and Stainless Steel with fire resistance and smoke control up to two hours.

They offer good sound attenuating properties to abate the normal operating noise levels in and around commercial, industrial and public buildings for the privacy and comfort of its occupants. The higher end SoundShield doors offer high sound attenuation for applications demanding effective separation including airports, stations, auditoria and recording studios.

SoundShield 35   SoundShield 40
SoundShield 45   SoundShield 50
SoundShield 55

If you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing door, then one of our glass doors may be more suitable. We also offer a number of supporting products including curtains, gates and shutters.