Project NamePSG
ClientTK-development & Københavns Havn A/S
Main ContractorNCC Danmark A/S, Cowi
Products Hansen Fasad
Company HS Hansen
In Autumn 2002, HSHansen was contacted by NCC (a Danish Contractor), who was going to build a seventeen-storey (65 metres) copper building on a main square (Amerikaplads) in Copenhagen.

At the time, NCC thought they had no option but to use wooden or wood/brass windows in the building.

Wooden windows would not suit the image of the prestigious copper material, and the brass in the wooden/brass windows would gradually become brown and not look like the copper cladding.

When being contacted about the project, HSHansen was very interested and suggested NCC to develop a new window which consisted of copper on the outside with a minimal brass profile around the vents. HSHansen’s solution fulfilled the expectations of uniformity which both the Architects and NCC had for their project.

On top of that, HSHansen’s solution was also benefited by having essentially higher specifications than the wooden option. This fact was vital as the building’s location was close to the water front.

HSHansen started up the complicated development and had their focus on:
-High performance

The development ended up with a product with aluminium profiles on the inside and copper profiles on the outside. Due to risk of corrosion, the two materials were100% separated.

With this solution HSHansen was able to manufacture windows and large facades, where the demand of strength is high.

As a complete and uniform façade was very important for the design of the building, HSHansen decided to make approximately 80% of all the elements ready at the factory. These elements were factory fitted with glass, clips, etc. HSHansen even had to insert 1.4 km ribbon windows from the inside at the factory. This job was done by a special designed electrical powered lifting truck.

All the other elements were because of their size delivered on the building site without any glass, but with everything else fitted from the factory.

HSHansen are now close to completion of this project and are pleased to have supplied a unique quality product which we have developed ourselves to satisfy the requirements of their customer.