Hansen Millennium in 800 year old Cistercian Abbey

Project NameCistercian abbey in Mogila
LocationKrakow, Poland
Main Contractor
ProductsHansen Millennium®
CompanyHansenCentral Europe

Hansen Millennium® replaces steel windows

HansenCentral Europe has been actively promoting Hansen Millennium® for refurbishment of listed buildings. These efforts have been successfully directed to the provincial and municipal conservators, and orders have been received from many including the Roman Catholic church.

One such order was for the renovation of the Cistercian abbey in Mogila11 (Krakow) which has been one of the most important sanctuaries of Poland for over 800 years.

Stained glass windows in Hansen Millennium® frames

The work included the assessment of window replacement options, design of a special solution to include stained glass, manufacturing, removal of old steel windows, disassembly and restoration of stained glass (in collaboration with the best studio in Poland - www.muzeumwitrazu.pl ) and eventually building the stained glass into new Hansen Millennium® windows.

1 The monastic order of the Cistercians was first founded in Citeaux - France in 1098 by the group of benedictine monks : Sts. Robert, Alberich and Stephen. Overwhelmed by the spirit of zealousness in observing the rule of St. Benedict from Monte Cassino, they founded a monastery in Citeaux, which in Latin means Ci-stercium. The name of die order - Cystersi originates from the name of that French town)