Environmentally friendly facade glazing with Hansen ThermoCool™ plus MicroShade™

Redefining Solar Shading

MicroShade™ is a breakthrough in solar shading that is integrated into facade glazing. It creates a significantly better working environment and reduces energy consumption in buildings with large glass facades.

Shades as effectively as exterior solar shading.
Unrestricted view.
100% natural daylight.
Easy to install. No maintenance.
Resistant to wind and temperature.
Cost effective solar shading solution.

With its innovative design, MicroShade™ provides a comfortable and temperate indoor climate, which reduces, or even may remove, the need for air-conditioning during hot summers. During the winter, the solar shading allows more sunlight to pass through so that the solar energy actively contributes to heating the building.

MicroShade™ can be used with Hansen ThermoCool insulating glazing units and installed in the same way as a standard unit.

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