Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Project NameLiverpool John Lennon Airport
LocationLiverpool, UK
BuilderTex ATC
Main Contractor
Products Hansen SoundShield
Company AccentHansen
Tex ATC is a small yet highly specialised UK based company that designs, manufactures and installs Air Traffic Control Rooms (ATCR's). The growing global demand for higher standards and greater expectations in this niche market dictates the rigorous standards that manufacturers and suppliers must adhere to in order to be selected for any project work associated with Tex ATC. In this specialist area, there is no room for error and suppliers are expected to produce optimum results.

Tex ATC recently undertook a specialist project for the ATCR at John Lennon Airport, Liverpool. Due to the specific nature of the project and the stringent requirements involved, Tex ATC chose AccentHansen for the job.

Mike McCarthy, Technical Director, Tex ATC, said, “Our requirements for this project were very specific. We were looking for AccentHansen to manufacture and supply a door for the visual control room of a specific size with a NR55 sound rating. We needed to consider both the acoustic and the fire rating as well as installing something that was sufficiently insulated and of course eco-friendly. Due to the height of where the door was to be positioned, we also had to consider something with a very good seal due to potential driving wind and rain.

Why AccentHansen?
Mike continues, We have been working with AccentHansen for over 8 years and they always perform well - so we don't feel we need to look elsewhere. It's the old adage - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I have always found AccentHansen open minded and versatile and they always pull out the stops to help us. If we call them and ask to bring delivery time forward, due to the nature of the job, they will always try and accommodate us. Their attention to detail is second to none and I really can't find fault with either their service or their workmanship. AccentHansen components form a fundamental part of our design when creating an environment where thermal and acoustic control is paramount

The Service
Mike says, We have a good relationship with AccentHansen's technical department and our system seems to work; we send them drawings of what we require and they send us a more detailed set back with every intricate detail covered, to avoid any misinterpretation or confusion. This way there are no surprises and makes our job a lot easier. Their administrative procedures and their attention to manufacturing standards are very good and I really can't fault them.

Mike concludes, AccentHansen's quality of fabrication and attention to detail is impressive. They instigate tight tolerance and as a result they have high manufacturing standards. They do nothing more than they claim to do, so there are no hidden agendas and no surprises. We have been very satisfied with their work and will have no hesitation in using them for future projects.