Project NameILVA
LocationThurrock, UK
ClientCharles Henshaw & Sons
Main Contractor
Products Hansen ThermoSpan
Company HansenGlass
HansenGlass supplied ThermoSpan system to Charles Henshaw & Sons of Edinburgh who undertook all the design and installation. The project brief was to achieve minimal frame work whilst incorporating the ILVA brands green colour identity. HansenGlass had to calculate the strength of the glass, as the maximum thickness of green tint available is 10mm. Additional strength was therefore required utilising the brackets and the glass fins.

The project benefited from single pieces of 10mm green toughened bolted back to a 19mm toughened glass fin. Each pane utilised 8 fixings back to the fin utilising the ThermoSpan Hooke-n-Pin bracket. The maximum size panel on the building were almost 8m2 and up to 4600mm in length, showing the strength of the ThermoSpan system whilst displaying the capabilities of HansenGlass.

The ILVA Thurrock store has now opened to the public and its design and green colour is inline with the ILVA brands corporate identity. ThermoSpan has been used extensively on many projects throughout the UK and Europe such as the media centre at lords cricket ground in London and the at the recent redevelopment of Ayr town centre.

HansenGlass offers a wide range of technical services, including thermal stress calculations, environmental control integrated packages and acoustic control.

If aesthetics, strength and safety is a requirement more information on ThermoSpan and other HansenGlass products are available from HansenGlass Processing Limited, Tel: 0151 515 3003. E-mail: