Old Buildings, New Forms with HansenGroup

The Liveable City is a celebration of architecture and urban planning. As Manchester gears up for the Stronger Together 2020 vision, we look at ways that planners, architects and local communities can play their part in the development of a dynamic, liveable city.

In cooperation with the School of Architecture, RIBA North West and other local partners the Danish Embassy in the UK invited politicians, professionals and the general public to take part in talks, seminars and debates.

Cost efficiency and sustainability are obvious advantages when you 'recycle' old buildings. Adapting and expanding historic structures to contemporary use can also help to link the past with the present; preserving heritage for future generations.

Danish based company HansenGroup has long been involved in designing building products that can be sympathetically used to rejuvenate old buildings, whilst still meeting modern building requirements.

Tomas Andersen (center) explains how HansenGroup is contributing

Tomas Andersen, COO of HansenGroup UK offered a unique insight into how Scandinavian design and products have and will continue to contribute effectively to Manchester's architectural future.

He explained "Hansen have a suite of window, door and facades products that look aesthetically and architecturally pleasing, whilst actively saving energy and enhancing a building environment."

For more information visit www.hansengroup.build.