Hansen Millennium is ready for many days at the races

Hansen Millennium™ combines classic building architecture with modern technology.

With a minimum sightline in the frame, the slim profiles are proving to be extremely popular among imaginative architects and designers who value aesthetics.

Already a bestseller in its window and door form to new build and renovation projects, designers in Poland have now developed a bi-folding door.

This new product was developed by HansenPolska for a specific project in Poland; the renovation of the Horseracing Track in Warsaw which has been strictly controlled by the Renovation Officer. Służewiec is one of the largest and most beautiful racing tracks in the world and horse racing has a long tradition in the capital.

Interest and demand from clients in other European countries are already very encouraging for such a new product, and for more information please contact local Hansen facades company.

Link to video http://youtu.be/DJ02k9Qah1U

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