HansenUnitAl™ modular facade and roof building

Hansen UnitAl is a new system for unitised facades, curtain walling and windows. The aluminium system is 100% prefabricated at one of the Hansen factories; which are the most modern in Europe.
br>Systems with prefabricated elements are not new but quite often building projects end up with semi-fabricated facades which need finishing on site, at considerable additional expense. HansenGroup is not satisfied with a semi-finished solution so development of a new system was set in motion at HansenProfile; the group’s own in-house facility where research and development is centralised. The brief was to create a unitised curtain walling system befitting that of Northern Europe’s leading aluminium curtain-walling company.
br>Hansen UnitAl provides architects with the opportunity to incorporate such things as cable pans and radiators all of which will be combined with the system at our factories.
br>Hansen UnitAl calls for total discipline. All elements have to be finished before installation begins at the building site. This is necessary to achieve speed of installation on site. Pilot projects have shown that two standard installation teams can install 6 - 800 m² of façade in a day.
br>100 % design = 100 % ready elements.

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