Hansen3G™ a new intelligent window system

Since 1999 HSHansen has been participating in a project in which the aim was to test two prototype windows. The result was a multifunctional window from HansenProfile with the working title '3rd Generation Window', which has been designed to offer a unique window with insulation, sunscreen, ventilation and sound reduction properties.

The principle is two separate layers of glass (can be either single layer or insulated glass), where each layer is divided to allow small vets to be opened indepedently. The space between the two layers is the secret to the ground-breaking properties of the 3rd Generation Window.

The first prototype was tested for a number of properties in an actual building. The test showed that the window:
• can suck preheated air into the house
• can ventilate and reduce sound from the external environment, including wind
• can integrate persiennes and roller-blinds, offering the possibility to control light and heat
• can can be adapted for housing as well as offices
• has great aesthetical qualities

The complete test results have been described in the report:'3rd Generations Window', conducted for the Danish Energy Authority. The report can be requisitioned at HansenProfile (only available in Danish).

One of the conclusions of the report was 'The window will, when opened for ventilation, reduces the sound of traffic noise and is comparable with that of a shut window'.

It was precisely this ability to reduce sound, which motivated the architect responsible for the renovation of 'Jagersborg Vandtarn' (an old water tower) to contact HansenProfile. The project was about to be abandoned, when the ”old” project and the report from 2002 came into mind. This renovation project has great demands for sound reduction combined with open vents.

The water tower, with its 36 apartments, is situated with the freeway to Helsingor on one side, and the by-pass highway and the railway on the other side – sound reduction is a 'must have'.

The traffic noise requires a reduction from the build-in parts. The picture shows the side with the by-pass highway and the railway.

During the summer holiday an element was produced and installed onto the water tower for the final tests. The result was even better then expected: With 45° open vents in both layers, the sound was reduced by 32 dB, from 69 to 37 dB!

With the know-how of HansenGroup and HansenProfile, fully incorporated Hansen 3G (3rd generation elements), the product offers natural ventilation and advantages like:
• Better control of temperatures
• Protection from blinding from the sun with integrated sun screens
• Taking advantage of pre-heated air in cold periods and letting out hot air in warm periods without draft
• Filters for removing pollen, smog and other particles
• Sound reduction – we have the best test in the world from independent consultants: 32 dB reduction with open vents!!!
• Lower costs for sick employees (increasing problem in our day-to-day life)
• Reduced costs for ventilation system (considerably lower costs!)
• Reduced building height because of less space required for the big installation systems (could be up to one “free” storey for each 5)
• Fewer people at site, as we build in the work for 2-3-4-5-? different contractors at our factory
• Hansen 3G are produced as unitised elements, and thereby we are able to reduce the installation time at site with up to 70 %!
• HansenGroup has the only test results in the world, to prove the effects of a modern 3rd Generation Window!

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