Hansen ThermoCool™ insulating units for environmental control

Hansen ThermoCool™ insulating glass units are high performance hermetically silicone sealed multiple glazing units, and can fulfil many requirements placed upon modern glazing. Hansen ThermoCool™ is available in a variety of colours and widths and with the option of inert gas filling.
clear float glass
solar-control glass
low-emissivity glass
patterned glass
Hansen Fort™ or Hansen FortPlus™ toughened safety glass and heat soak toughened glass
Hansen Ceraphic™ screen-printed glass
Hansen Ceramalite™ enamelled toughened glass
Hansen Cerocco sandblasted toughened glass
laminated safety and security glass

Hansen ThermoCool™ conforms to relevant national and European standards and is also covered by a comprehensive warranty.

The product is available in a wide choice of glass thickness and glass types. The insulating glass unit incorporates an aluminium or steel spacer in a choice of widths to separate the two panes. The spacers are available in two standard colours, silver or black, and contains a desiccant to keep the air or gas in the unit dry and free from organic vapours. The perimeter of the unit is hermetically sealed with a dual- seal system incorporating a polyisobutylene primary seal and a silicone secondary seal. The seal system can withstand a wide temperature range and is resistant to uv light. The units can therefore be used with confidence for spandrel panels, structural sealant glazing and roof glazing in addition to conventional glazing.