Hansen Thermestra Structurally Bolted Glazing System
Hansen ThermestraTM structural glazing systems offer architects and specifiers opportunities for creating original designs in glass, in any plane from vertical through to horizontal in single glazed, double glazed and laminated versions.

Freedom of design within safe limits, is the domain of Hansen ThermestraTM, frameless glass structures giving a completely flush exterior, unlike any other form of glazing.

Unique mechanical fixings create clean and uninterrupted glass structures without any external framing. Hansen ThermestraTM Double Skin allows the complete structure to be designed with insulating glass units. Hansen ThermestraTM Laminated adds a further dimension in terms of safety, particularly where the glass is used in roof structures, canopies and atria. Interstitial blinds can be introduced into Hansen ThermestraTM Laminated Double Skin, giving privacy and environmental management possibilities never before imagined.

Hansen ThermestraTM structures are constructed from heat soaked toughened glass. Hansen ThermestraTM is also used in conjunction with Hansen TempoTM frameless glass doors to provide a complete glass façade. HansenGroup’s wide range of Hansen ThermestraTM options gives specifiers freedom of design with an extensive choice of effects and performance.

Today Hansen ThermestraTM is chosen as a glass fabric, where design freedom is the quest.
Features of Hansen ThemestraTM...
• The totally flush façade, without penetration of the fixing bolt through the external skin, in double glazed and laminated applications.
• Maximises daylight penetration.
• Single glazed, laminated and insulating glass unit options installed in any plane.
• Heat soaked toughened glass for safety – tested to DIN18516 pt 4.
• Laminated option for additional safety in roof glazing.
• Tamper resistant bolts.
• Extensive range of environmental performance characteristics.
• Seal design to be UV stable and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures.
• Available in “Amiran” for a dramatic reduction in window reflection and superb clarity of display and depth of view.
• Laminated double skin can incorporate interstitial blinds to provide privacy or daylight control.
• Hansen CeraphicTM and CeroccoTM screen printing and sand blasting can be applied to give manifestation, decoration, privacy,diffuse lighting or solar control.
• Conforms to European standards.
• Can incorporate Hansen TempoTM toughened glass doors to give a complete façade.