Hansen Tempo™ glass door and entrance assemblies

Hansen Tempo™ door and entrance assemblies provide architects and specifiers with complete, high quality solutions for glass entrance designs, from the simplest to the most complex.

Manufactured from clear or tinted toughened glass, Hansen Tempo™ doors, side panels, transoms and fin supports give a virtually uninterrupted glass façade allowing great freedom of design. Hydraulic floor closers and a range of rail and patch fittings in a variety of finishes from Europe's leading suppliers combine to provide a total door and entrance assembly.

Almost any pattern, logo or symbol can be acid etched, sandblasted, transferred or screen printed onto the glass during manufacture, to meet both corporate and / or manifestation requirements.

Any design application, from door blanks and simple Hansen Tempo™ doors, through complex Hansen Tempo™ entrance assemblies to the finishing touches, to a Hansen ThermoSpan™ structural facade, falls within the scope of Hansen Tempo™ doors and entrances.