History of Hansen in Poland

HansenGroup´s entrance in Poland was launched in July 2006 by the establishment of the company HansenPolska Sp. z o.o. HansenPolska then took over the activities, machines and staff from another fabricator in Rzeszów, and moved into a new domicile at Rudna Mała 47.

HansenPolska has since then been fabricating high quality windows, doors and façade elements for other HansenGroup companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and UK.

Based on the good experiences with the fabrication in HansenPolska, it was decided by HansenGroup in April 2009 to expand the activities in Poland and thus HansenCentral Europe Sp. z o.o. was established. And an initial top-team of 3 people with many years of experience in the aluminium and glass industry was put in charge of establishing and introducing HansenCentral Europe in the Polish market.

Based on buying the fabricated elements from the factory in Rzeszów, the vision of HansenCentral Europe is to introduce the high quality products and design of HansenGroup to the Polish market and following the entire Central European market.