Hansen Ceraphic™ screen printed toughened glass

Hansen Ceraphic™ is a screen printed, toughened glass designed to provide decoration, obscuration and/or light control.

Hansen Ceraphic™ is manufactured by screen printing. The process uses a squeegee to deposit ceramic ink through a cloth mesh which may be masked for form a pattern of ink. The ink is oven dried and the glass is then subjected to a heating a cooling cycle, during which the enamel ink is fired into the glass surface and the glass is toughened. Glass can be passed through the screen printing process several times, allowing multiple colours and patterns to be applied to a glass panel.

Hansen Ceraphic™ glass is available in thicknesses from 6mm to 25mm as single glazing or part of a Hansen ThermoCool™ insulating glass unit. HansenGlass offer a range of standard patterns and colours, and can also help with the development of designs and colours in line with customer's specific requirements.