Hansen Ceramalite™ enamelled toughened glass

Hansen Ceramalite™ is a high quality enamelled toughened glass product, designed for use in the spandrel areas of curtain wall or other glazing systems. It is available in a range of standard and non-standard colours.

It is able to contrast or harmonise with the vision areas and can provide thermal insulation in excess of the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations. Hansen Ceramalite™ can be incorporated into a Hansen ThermoCoolTM unit with any type of toughened glass outer pane if required.

When used as a spandrel panel, Hansen Ceramalite™ can be used as either a single glass or in Hansen ThermoCool™. The enamelled surface is normally glazed on the second surface for single glazing or the fourth surface of Hansen ThermoCoolTM but comprehensive testing also allows the enamelled surface to be applied to surfaces within the unit with no detrimental effect on the units performance.

Hansen Ceramalite™ can be supplied with insulation bonded to the inner surface. The alternatives are:
polyisocyanurate foam with foil backing
mineral fibre or foam in an aluminium tray, either mill finished or polyester powder coated