Lyme Park, UK
Project NameLyme Park
LocationDisley, UK
ClientDanish Vision
ArchitectAllan Rasmussen
Main ContractorDanish Vision
CompaniesDanish Vision

From Utilitarian to Home

Danish Vision bought this old building in 2005 and sold it in 2007, after completion of the total conversion of the building.

Hansen Millenniumô fulfills all requirements of minimal profile thickness, design, function and performance, and therefore suited this old building perfectly.

These strengths have been used to good effect in the conversion of an old Water Treatment works built in 1943 to service the water needs of Lyme Hall. Not used since 1998, the building was bought and developed into a prestigious residential property.

The original property had no windows, so the Hansen Millenniumô window system was used to bring stylish light into the interior. This versatile product was also used for roof lighting. All HansenMillenium products was produced by HansenPolska.

Additionally other products from HansenGlass were used for interior screens, balustrades and the glass staircase.