Station Bellahøj
Project NameStation Bellahøj
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
ClientSlots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen
ArchitectAlex Poulsens
Arkitektkontor A/S
Main ContractorHS Hansens Fabrikker A/S
Products Hansen Fenster
Company HS Hansen
For this project a new window was designed by HS Hansen in co-operation with the architect. These 1+2 windows with blinds built in between the two frames, also had several requirements for steel re-enforcements to protect against bullets, and other design requirements to avoid prisoners to escape. In addition some of the windows were delivered with bulletproof glass.

On-time delivery according to a very tight delivery plan made to fit the schedule on site for replacements was crucial for this job. The reason for that was people had to work in the building at the same time as the replacement of the old windows took place.

Everything on this project succeeded to perfection due to very good communication between HS Hansen design department, site managers and the production at HansenPolska.